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Why Estonia?

Estonia is attractive to foreigners as a place to study and live because, in addition to the constantly developing technology sector, Estonia is a forward-thinking country with a high commitment to digital innovation. The principal part of all administrative and bureaucratic tasks in Estonia can be done online, which is why Forbes has mentioned that Estonia is the world's most advanced digital society. (Read more here)

(Source: CNBC International)

"The role model for governments should be Estonia, a country where almost every bureaucratic task can be done online." – The New York Times

In addition to the low cost of living and great culture, higher education and universities here are world-class. All Estonian universities offer degree studies in English, and the overwhelming part of Estonians know English no less than at a conversational level. Moreover, the outcome of the PISA test shows that Estonian 15-year-olds have achieved 1st place in Europe in reading, natural sciences and mathematics, which indicates the efficiency of the Estonian education system.

Nature and a green mindset are of great importance for Estonia, with about 50% of the country's territory covered by forests, of which 30% is under nature protection. For many years, sustainability and green transition have been a central principle of Tallinn's society and economic life, which makes Tallinn a city with a modern and green way of life. With a systemic approach to green governance and interconnected strategic goals, Tallinn had rewarded as the European Green Capital of 2023 at the European Green Capital award ceremony held in Lahti, Finland, on September 9, 2021!

Besides to the low cost of living, excellent culture, nature, well-developed technology sector with digital innovations, which makes Estonia an attractive place for entrepreneurs, technology start-ups, students and digital nomads, in August 2020, the country launched the digital nomad visa system, which allows remote workers to live and enjoy all this in Estonia while working for an employer or having their own company registered abroad.

After that, Tallinn provides free transport for all residents and citizens, advanced and affordable car-sharing services, fast and cheap food delivery from supermarkets and restaurants, robot delivery for offering people convenient new services that improve everyday life etc.

More reasons to choose Estonia for living and studying:

  • Based on the statement of the World Economic Forum, Estonia ranks 15th in terms of security compared to the other 135 countries included in the report. (Read more here)

  • Business Insider ranked Tallinn and Tartu among the nine cheapest cities to live in Europe. A student can live in Estonia affordably, depending on the wishes regarding living conditions. Under minimal conditions, the student's average living expenses can be around 350-500 euros per month. (Read more here)

  • According to the 2021 Freedom on the Net report, compiled by Freedom House, a US-based think tank, Estonia ranks second in the world in internet freedom. Estonia's internet penetration rate stood at 92 % of the total population at the start of 2022. Wireless internet is almost everywhere in Estonia, you can find WIFI all across Tallinn in various public places.

  • Estonia ranks among the best European countries in the “Ease of doing business index” by the World Bank Group. Tallinn has become an exciting center for start-up companies, which is why it has also been called Europe's Silicon Valley.

  • As the birthplace of seven unicorns (Skype, Playtech, Wise, Bolt, Pipedrive, Zego and, Estonia ranks first in the number of startups and unicorns per capita in Europe. (Read more here)

  • According to the International Student Barometer (TM 2019), 91% of foreign students are satisfied with their life at Estonian universities and chose Estonia to continue their studies, as they believe it will benefit them in their careers. (Read more here)

For more information see the Study in Estonia website.


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