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Transportation and mobility

Estonia was the first country to legalize the testing of autonomous vehicles on public roads. The government has a plan to integrate self-driving vehicles and other public services based on autonomous mobility into the public transport system with journey planning and call-to-order bus stops in the near future.

Public transport in Tallinn

Tallinn provides free public transport for all citizens and temporary residents that consists of bus, tram, trolleybus routes. All trains depart from the Balti jaam and and ships from the Port of Tallinn, also called Old city Harbour. Bus, tram and trolleybus routes are mainly operated by Tallinna Linnatranspordi AS. It is convenient to buy bus tickets on the Tpilet website. Bus routes between different cities depart from Bussijaam. All bus services can be found on the website of Bussijaam. Electric train services are offered by Elron and the ferry services are operated by many different companies seen on following websites: (, www,

Environmentally friendly moving

Estonia is a bicycle friendly land – short distances, not a lot of traffic on the roads, diverse nature scenery, well preserved local culture and traditions, privacy, and continuously developed network of bike roads support this safe and sustainable way of moving. Besides renting a bicycle you can easily rent a scooter. Bolt, Tuul, Bird are the main companies that provide affordable service in all major cities in Estonia.

Food and mobility

In addition you can find advanced food delivery services (Wolt, Bolt, Takeout, Tellitoit, Fudy etc) that provide fast food delivery from supermarkets, restaurants, bars etc. Also many Starship robots so-called “little helpers' offering people convenient new services that improve everyday life by providing food and package delivery in many districts in Tallinn. Well organized car sharing systems offered by Bolt, CityBee, Elmo rent include affordable prices in addition to public transport and other vehicles, which in some cases are also organized between different major cities in Estonia.


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