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Cultural experience and food

In addition to studying and working, Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, is also an excellent place for vacations and cultural experiences. Especially since the heart of Tallinn, the old town, belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage list and is thus an actual fairytale land. Tallinn is small enough to fit all the main attractions within sniffing distance, and if you can't reach everywhere on foot, convenient public transport will help. The food selection in Tallinn is one of the best in Estonia, bursting with both new ideas and traditional favorites. Every district of Tallinn offers the pleasure of culinary discovery, so you don't have to look for the best food experiences only in the old town. You can probably find your favorite cafe on a quiet side street while walking around Tallinn.

To discover Tallinn's breathtaking and spirit-boosting sights (museums, attractions, excursions and other leisure activities) and to take part in delicious food experiences at the best prices and great discounts, it is worth purchasing a Tallinn Card.

Advantages of buying a Tallinn card:

(Source: Visit Tallinn - Medieval city by the sea!)

Where to buy Tallinn Card?

You can buy the Tallinn Card quickly and conveniently from the Visit Tallinn e-store. In order to contribute to the conservation of nature and get a card 1 euro cheaper, it is worth buying the card from the e-shop.

Where can I find ideas of which sights, cafes, etc., are worth visiting in Tallinn?

You can find ideas on where to go, what to do, eat and drink in Tallinn on the Visit Tallinn website. You can also find recommendations from other visitors there.

You can find other frequently asked questions on the VisitTallinn website.

Before purchasing a Tallinn Card, it is worth checking whether the attraction you want to visit is part of the Tallinn Card package. You can find more information here: What is Tallinn Card - Visit Tallinn. It is worth planning the day(s) you wish to discover the sights and take advantage of the Tallinn Card offers and discounts. Just show your Tallinn Card at the beginning of your visit and enjoy!


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