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Business in e-Estonia

E-Estonia is one of the most exciting countries in Europe for digital natives, ambitious start-ups and tech-savvy entrepreneurs, digital nomads. Google and Forbes have defined Estonia as the world's most advanced digital society and Business Insider ranked Estonia’s capital Tallinn, as one of the nine cheapest cities to live in Europe. Most administrative or bureaucratic tasks can be done online.

Estonia has the low cost of living, great culture, and well developed technology sector with digital innovations that's making Estonia an attractive place for various business people. Estonia launched August 2020 its digital nomad visa scheme which allows remote workers to live in Estonia while working legally for an employer or having their own company registered abroad.

In addition, there is the Estonian e-residency initiative, which is a government-issued digital identity and status that gives entrepreneurs access to Estonian digital markets. With an e-resident identity, entrepreneurs in Estonia can establish and manage a company completely online anywhere in the world.

Tax benefits for companies in Estonia

Estonia has a lot to offer in terms of local taxes in business management.

  • 0% corporate income tax on retained and reinvested profits

  • 14% to 20% corporate income tax rate

  • Property taxes only apply to the value of land

  • Voluntary VAT registration before legal threshold

  • Fair labor taxes and regulations

  • No annual or monthly tax fees for companies in case of no distribution of dividends, company is not VAT registered, nor has employees in Estonia

  • Equal playing field within the EU

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